Moving services in Orange and Riverside counties CA

We specialize in all sizes of moves, no matter what the complexity, we can handle it. Whether you are looking into moving from a small, one-bed apartment to a small home across town. We have the expertise to handle all aspects of the move. We have the trucks, materials, and manpower to accommodate any size residential property including a multilevel executive mansion. The same goes for commercial property, we can handle any business with a move.

We are capable of packing up and moving everything from your existing location in Orange and Riverside counties and moving it to any other location in California or to another state and setting it up in any way you prefer.

Full moving services by Laaks Moving Company

Laaks Moving Services is a full-service company. We have mover’s offices in Irvine, Orange County and Palm Springs, Riverside County. We extensively cover the Riverside and Orange counties housing markets and have nearly 10 years of moving experience. However, we don’t stop and offer short distance moving in-state California, for example to Los Angeles, and San Diego and long-distance moving out of the state, for example to Las Vegas.

We have hauling packages for specific cities in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and beyond. These packages set the transportation costs of the hauling and possible temporary storage of your household items from point A to point B. For these packages, the labor portion is an additional charge.

Local areas serviced

local moving services

Laaks has developed a pretty strong reputation on websites like Yelp and Google. We have earned very high ratings on both sites based on customer reviews and ratings. By offering competitive pricing and high-quality service, it is no wonder why our moving services have been so successful.

We do not offer the cheap movers in Orange County, but we offer total relocation services that handle everything from start to finish and all you do is sit back and relax.

There is never a concern for hidden charges popping up after the contract has been signed. All packing supplies, any tools, and special equipment are spelled out in the initial quote and finalized before a contract is signed.

Long-distance moving services

long distance move

If you are looking to move from California to Texas, Nevada, Florida, and other states, Laaks is your mover. We have a special relocation package to Las Vegas, Naples, Phoenix, and Dallas from Orange and Riverside Counties. We only use fully CDL-licensed drivers and long-haul trucks to get your belongings safely to your new home.

Our movers take special care to ensure that everything is packed securely in boxes and wrapped in blankets before being packed onto the truck. Everything that can be thought of to avoid excessive shock to your belongings has been taken into consideration.

All the vehicles have been meticulously maintained in order to ensure that there won’t be any surprise breakdowns or unwanted damage to your belongings when they arrive at your new home.

Reasons you might need to turn to a moving company

Need to relocate to a new area for a job – You find yourself in a quandary after you find out that your job is transferring you to a different branch office. They say that you need to start in just under a month and you have to move the family in just a couple of weeks. Nothing like adding tons of stress to your life, but fortunately, you do have an option. Once you find the place you are going to live in the new city or town, call our moving services company. We have the expertise to handle all of the many tasks that you would normally have to worry about. With just a single phone call, our team can remove so much of the stress that you are likely feeling.

Loss of current residence – If the unthinkable happens and you find yourself losing your home. Not knowing what to do with all of your stuff can be a very daunting concern. Laaks moving company is equipped to help in this type of situation. We can access your needs and offer whatever special services that you may need.

Know idea what your doing – There are a lot of things that go into making a move to a new place and you don’t know where to start. Relocating to a new area is a daunting task and it can cause a lot of stress. Fortunately, our moving company knows all of the things that go into moving and can help remove some of that burden.

Top 9 Benefits to hiring a moving services company

A moving services company can become your best friend if you and your family are looking to relocate to a new home, even if it is just across town. There are reasons or benefits of hiring a company to take care of the move for you. Hopefully, this information helps you in some way, especially if you are considering a move shortly.

#1 Lowers your stress level – By hiring a company to take care of all of the moving tasks you are sitting back and relaxing a bit. They take off all of the logistic decisions and you simply open the door for them on packing day. Then schedule all of the details involved in the move, from getting the team of packers and the vehicles that will be necessary to haul all your belongings to your new home. You don’t have to worry about any of it. No need to worry so much about all of the details, you can call any time and our movers will have answers for you.

#2 Time saving or same-day moving – Having a company to figure out all of the details saves you the time you would have to spend doing it all yourself. No need to waste time gathering all the boxes and supplies that you will need to pack everything up. No need to waste time figuring out where to get a moving truck and finding people to help you move all of your stuff. With a professional mover, you will have extra time since we are much more efficient when it comes to the move. Since our movers are focused solely on the move, there will be fewer distractions that you would likely have to deal with.

#3 Not having to do the lifting – Since you have decided to hire a professional mover you be avoiding all of the heavy liftings. No worries about how heavy the boxes are when it is time to put them in the truck. No worries about heavy lifting to remove furniture and other large items out of the house. They also come prepared with certain types of equipment that will be used to move furniture and other items safely, in and out of the house.

#4 Cost saving in the long run – No matter how you look at it, relocating to a new home is very expensive, even if it is only across town. Hiring a professional moving company is one way to help keep the cost lower. Since Laaks moving company use own trucks and supplies we can charge lower rates. Our packers are highly trained and efficient when it comes to packing, loading, and unloading. This means that we can pass the savings on in the form of much lower rates. It is the best choice if you need affordable movers in Orange County.

#5 Knowledgeable and experienced movers  – No one truly likes to have to move once you are settled into a home, however, sometimes, things are out of your control. If you have never had to move your whole house until a new home, then chances are you are going to make mistakes. That is where professional movers come into play. When you hire a Laaks moving company, we send a team of well-trained and experienced packers and haulers to your home. These people know exactly what they are doing and that is one of the biggest positives or benefits of hiring them. You are far less likely to have serious or major problems come up.

#6 Faster pack up and unpacking of your home – When you hire a moving services company to help you with your move, you have made the best decision possible. Even if you have done it several times in the past, you will not be able to out the pack and unpack a professional mover. Movers arrive at your home on the day of the move and get started packing and marking boxes. After loading everything up in the truck, they head for the new house and when everything arrives we can get started. Once the truck arrives at the new location, the packing team begins unloading the truck and putting everything in the different rooms that which it belongs.

#7 Protection against loss – One of the biggest concerns when it comes to making a big move is that inevitably something is going to get broken. If you are moving and doing it yourself, the replacement of the broken item(s) will be your responsibility. However, when you hire a moving services company to do the move for you, we have liability insurance. This protects you and us if something goes wrong. Hiring an experienced professional moving company help to minimize the likelihood that an accident may happen.

#8 Save your back – Hiring a professional moving company means that you don’t have to do any heavy lifting yourself. Our movers come in on the specified moving day and pack up all of your belongings in your home into boxes. When everything is packed, they load everything in truck(s) and head over to your new home. Once there, they start unloading the truck one box at a time. Our movers make sure that each box is put in the proper room and then begin unpacking them. No need for you to even break a sweat. This is also helpful if you are disabled or pregnant, you don’t need to worry about how you are going to get all your stuff into the new house.

#9 Peace of mind – A household move is one of the biggest events that can affect an entire family. Having to uproot the family and relocate to another area is very traumatic. Along with that comes a lot of planning and decisions that need to be made. Hiring a company to come in a take care of the lion’s share of those decisions can take away part of that concern. That is more than enough to help give you at least some sort of peace of mind. 

#10 Easy to do – It is far easier than you might think to hire an outside moving company to come into your home. By doing this, you help to take a lot of the stress off of your shoulders. By calling and setting a time for us to come in and pack everything up, you immediately make it easier on yourself. While you will be there every step of the way, you will not have to worry about any of the details.

Choose the best movers in Orange County CA

No one wants to go through the whole ordeal of completely uprooting their family and relocating to another city or town. Regardless of if it is just across town or halfway across the country. There are far too many things that have to be dealt with and the stress can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is our company – Laaks Moving Services that steps in and helps you to make all of the necessary plans and carries them out for you. 

We are a highly professional outfit that, based on reading the small sample of testimonials that we included, really knows their stuff. All of the equipment we use and supplies and fully included in the relocation services packages. All of our processes take into consideration whether you are moving locally or long-distance.

If you are in the Southern California area (including Riverside and Orange Counties) and you are looking to relocate shortly, give Laaks Moving Services.

Special move offers

*Special promotion from Laaks Moving Services. This cash flat rate includes one fully equipped 20' truck. Gas and miles between 2 locations. Loading and unloading time will be charged separately.



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