Moving a House to a New Foundation

There may be different reasons for you to think about how to move a house to a new location — from the lack of space and a desire to live in a better neighborhood to risks of flooding and the need for a safer spot. No matter what the case is, this process is complex and painstaking. The careful calculation, analysis of the condition of the house, and preparation for the transfer are required. Let’s look into the key nuances…

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Tips for Moving out of State: Make the Process Fast and Affordable

Moving out of state is a worrisome event in the life of every person. Aside from the fact that you are changing your place of residence, neighborhood, and usual routines, moving is always associated with stress and high expenses. If you are in search of tips for moving, the site of the Laaks Movers is the right place for this. We are going to provide you with handy recommendations. It is also a place where you can find a solution…

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Moving Out-of-State Checklist

Moving is a very difficult and troublesome business, which requires careful preparation and planning. This is especially true when it comes to moving out of state. Distant relocation comes with multiple challenges, and you will hardly be able to cope with them if you do not have a moving out of state checklist. For the move not to turn into a subsequent calculation of losses, it is necessary to learn how to properly pack items and how to arrange all…

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Moving Company for Long-Distance Moves

Choosing a good moving company is a challenge, and the task becomes even more complicated when it comes to a long-distance move or cross-state relocation. Although there are many long-distance moving companies in the market, far from all of them can deliver top-notch quality service. But how to distinguish a professional mover? What to keep your focus on when evaluating the service quality of a moving company? Let’s check these all together further in this post. Trusted Cross State Movers…

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Out-of-State Movers — Everything to Know About Movers to Move Out of the State

Looking for out of state movers? As the American politician Benjamin Franklin once said, moving three times is as bad as a fire. And although it has now become much easier to get off the ground and move out of the state than 3 centuries ago, relocation still remains a stressful, troublesome, and expensive process. When moving from state to state, you need to take care of proper packing and transportation of items, change the address, car number, and driver’s…

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10 Tips When Relocating to Utah

No matter if you are going to move to Salt Lake City or consider relocating to Utah in general, you need to know some important details of the state of Utah as well as the best ways of arranging your relocation. Of course, you may have some experience and think you know everything about organizing a move. However, your relocation experience will most probably vary from state to state. Different living conditions, economic situation, rental fees, and the cost of…

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Irvine to Reno

If you are moving from Irvine CA or Orange County, CA to Reno, NV, then you can always rely on our fast, safe and economical moving services. When it comes to moving from Irvine CA to Reno, we are the leaders. We have the experience and expertise to ease the entire moving process and make it pleasing and exciting. Ideal for residential and commercial customers We provide customer-oriented moving services for our residential and commercial customers. We use the most…

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Irvine CA / Orange County CA to Henderson

Fast and Effective Moving If you have finally decided to move from Irvine CA or Orange County CA to Henderson, then you need a trusted moving partner that can make your move pleasant and seamless. When it comes to safe and seamless moving, we are the experts. We have been assisting people in relocation from Irvine CA or Orange County CA to Henderson since our inception. We have extensive experience in moving customers around California. We pay attention to every…

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Irvine CA / Orange County CA to Boulder NV

Are you looking to move from Irvine CA or Orange County CA to Boulder NV in the safest and the most cost-effective manner? We provide fast, safe and smooth residential and commercial moving services to our customers. We are offering seamless moving services from Irvine to Boulder, since our inception. Our moving services are ideal for households and businesses. People choose us because we provide cost-effective, efficient moving services. Our services include Our services include packing, moving, and unpacking and…

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Irvine CA to Nevada

Looking for a long-distance move from Irvine, CA to Nevada? We provide the most reliable, safe, convenient, and economical moving services from Irvine to Nevada. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, you can always pick our services that are designed to give your optimum comfort and safety. Our staff We have highly trained, experienced and certified movers who know how to manage such a long-distance moving in a seamless manner. We are renowned all across the region…

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All You Need to Know About Long-Distance Moving

Moving can be overwhelming, especially if you are moving to a long-distance (around 300-3000 miles). Whether you are relocating for work, or for any other reason, moving is full of excitement, anxiety as well as stress. However, if you want to make it enjoyable, you can choose a qualified mover who can tackle any challenges and deliver the most suitable solution as per your needs. Advanced movers can simplify long-distance moving and make it stress-free. They use the latest technology,…

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Is It Difficult To Move During Peak Season?

Avoid the peak moving season We all know that moving during the peak season is very difficult; first, it is difficult to choose movers, second, rates are quite high during peak time and third, it becomes very expensive to move during peak season. Now the question is what is the peak moving season? So the answer is simple – end-of-the-month, end-of-the-season, summer season, and end-of-the-financial year are all the peak moving seasons when working people/professionals move from one city to…

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What Is So Special About The Week Before Moving Day?

Things To Do A Week Before Moving Day Moving in itself is difficult and crucial and when it comes to the week before moving day, people become more anxious. This article will attempt to eliminate the anxiety of people and simplify the overall packing process. When it comes to packing for the moving day, most people feel terrified and overwhelmed because it requires a heavy working whole day long. There are many things that need to be packed and arranged.…

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Is It Possible To Move Long-Distance With Pets Safely?

Tips For Move Safely With Pets We all know that moving pets for long distances is a huge problem. It is not only difficult for pets, but also for pet owners. In this guide, we will discuss some tips to safely move long-distance with pets. Moving can be difficult and stressful for people and the same is the case with our lovely pets or as you say, companions. They not only feel anxious and stressed, but also express anger and…

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Moving Tips During the Times of Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19 Update: What You Need To Know? Moving Services Are Listed as an Essential Business We all know that coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly turned our life upside down and has stopped everything in between. Indeed, it has changed our daily routines in a dramatic way, which was way beyond prediction. Today, every country has been badly suffering from this pandemic. Indeed, it has paralyzed every industry in its own way and the moving industry is no different. Moving Services Are…

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Our core moving services in Irvine
What We Offer

Long Distance Moves

When you need to move within the state of California, look no further than Laaks Moving Services. Not only do we have the best movers, we also have the best trucks to ensure that your long distance move is as safe and efficient as possible.

Commercial Moves

Moving your business can be even more stressful than moving your home. If you are looking for a great way to move your business, without cutting into your working hours, Laaks Moving Services is the right choice for you. Our free estimate service helps you budget that move!

Local Moves

When you need to move locally, call Laaks Moving Services! We’ve got the most professional and customer-service oriented serve in the area, offering competitive rates that are all-inclusive and ensure that you and your possessions get where you need to go quickly and easily.

Labor Only

Do you just need someone to help you load or unload or pack or unpack your things? Our Irvine Expert Movers are here to make sure that your delicate items and your large, bulky items are properly handed, whether you need them carefully packed or need them unloaded from your truck and reassembled.

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