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If you are planning to move from California to Nevada, our goal at Laaks Moving Services is to always provide you with the best moving experience you’ve ever encountered.

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Things to Note Before Moving from California to Nevada 

A Brief Overview of Nevada’s Climate: In the United States, Nevada is the state with the driest climate. With the exception of the Las Vegas Valley, it is largely composed of desert and semi-arid climate zones. Although the winters in the southern region of Nevada are typically brief and moderate, the winters in the state’s northern section are long and fairly chilly. The majority of Nevada’s terrain experiences rare annual precipitation. The Sierra Nevada’s eastern and northeastern slopes receive most of the state’s rainfall. 

Little information about Nevada’s cost of living: 

move to Nevada

When considering whether to move from California to Nevada or not, the cost of living in Nevada is less expensive and fairly economical across the United States and is worth considering. In comparison to California, the cost of necessities is quite reasonable. You should expect to pay around $1800 or more per month to rent a two to a four-bedroom apartment, depending on its size and area. The cost of food is another basic commodity that significantly affects a region’s overall cost of living. The average monthly cost of food for one person in Nevada is around $270.

An overview of Nevada’s activities: 

Nevada consists of the major tourist attractions in different cities in the state. Las Vegas, NV, the capital of Nevada, is the most populous city in the state. It is known mostly for its entertainment and nightlife; Las Vegas is a significant resort city with a global reputation. Californians moving to Nevada can anticipate various sightseeing attractions to explore. Nevada is renowned for its exceptional terrain for hiking, biking, and climbing, which can be found in national parks and recreation zones. Even in the highest mountains, there are ski resorts.

One of Nevada’s most well-inclined hiking locations is “The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area”, which is not far from Las Vegas. The most notable feature is the enormous red rock formations that tower over the Mojave Desert, but the region is home to various attractions and geological formations. 

One of Nevada’s most stunning sights is “The Lake Tahoe”, a body of brilliant blue water encircled by frequently snow-capped mountains. The stunning beaches are a draw for tourists. Nevada is home to some of the most exciting locations to explore and mouthwatering cuisine you’ve ever experienced.

We know how difficult and stressful the long-distance moving process can be at Laaks Moving Service, so we developed a tentative guide that will demonstrate how moving with us functions to reduce some of the stress.

Step 1. Make a good plan and strategy for your moving process

You will receive a free moving quote after filling out the Instant Quote form on this page. A representative of Laaks Moving Services will contact you to arrange a free assessment and survey of your apartment or office to determine your moving requirements, thereby ensuring you’re provided with the most accurate estimate of your move.

You will also be addressed about your rights and duties of relocation from your Laaks Moving Consultant, which includes crucial information that customers need to be aware of before making the long-distance move. You can plan your move using the information conveyed to you.

Step 2. Packing and loading of your properties 

Our packing team will show up one to two days before your move date to start packing. The van operator will do an inventory of your items that need to be moved and give you a form to sign before they start the packing process.

When the agreement is signed, then the loading process commences.

Step 3. Delivery of your luggage and Payment for the moving services 

Our driver will typically wait up to a few hours for you, so we kindly urge you to arrive at your residence in time to meet up with him. You might incur additional waiting time payments if the waiting time limit is exceeded. You can pay our van operator with any of the available payment options listed for you.

Step 4. Unloading and Unpacking your properties. 

After the driver has unloaded your items, he will ask for your signature on the delivery paperwork. Please observe and note any missing or damaged properties on the inventory form before signing it. Your luggage will be unpacked and then assembled at its appropriate place.

At Laaks Moving Services, we provide unique long-distance moving services for Californians moving to Nevada with our team of professionals who will make your long-distance move an easy process without any difficulty. We are available for full-service packing also, for example moving from Irvine to Las Vegas with a good price for you. 

So, what are you waiting for? Entrust your moving process to the hands of professionals and affordable long-distance movers as we have skilled and expert staff who will safeguard all your belongings. To request a quote, use our moving cost calculator, and feel free to contact us at Laaks Moving Services anytime. You won’t be disappointed in your trust in us. To make a reservation for your move, fill out our Reservation Form.

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