Long distance move from California to Arizona

Orange County CA to Arizona

Are you looking to long distance move from Orange County CA to Arizona?

Our primary business is moving residential and commercial properties in the Southern California area. We have been serving Orange County and Riverside Counties for more than 10 years.  Our customers have continually ranked our service at the top or near the top since the beginning.

Along with the local moving services, we also offer long-haul in-state and out-of-state moves. Part of our menu of services is several dedicated moving routes from Orange County to Arizona, Nevada, and Florida. We have numerous customers, both residential and commercial customers relocating to the Pheonix, Arizona area.

Most of our success comes from hiring and training the best employees that the area has to offer. This helps us to know the area and be able to provide the quickest and best quality moves possible. Along with having top-quality employees, we also have the best equipment and a well-maintained fleet of trucks.

Laaks Moving Services – professional moving services

As professional long distance movers, which is one of the fastest-growing segments of our business. This seems to be caused by people looking to move to areas outside of Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Riverside Counties. If you look at the population statistics you will see that it is definitely true. One of the popular destinations for people leaving California is Arizona, including the Pheonix area.

Long Haul Moving Services

We are one of the most affordable long distance movers in the southern California area. One of the reasons we are able to keep our prices so low is that we are really good at logistics. Our highly trained office staff is able to schedule our moves in such a way that we can get our customers moved as efficiently as possible. Knowing traffic patterns and being able to avoid congested areas along the route makes it easier to get our customer’s stuff from point A to point B as quickly as possible. All of our moving staff are highly trained professional long distance movers

Part of our long-haul service is our long-distance moving cost calculator which is designed to help you get an idea of how much it will cost you to move your stuff from your current home in southern California to Pheonix, Arizona. As a state to state moving company, we have the long-haul trucks as part of our fleet of well-maintained vehicles.

What is included with our moving services?

All of our long-haul moving services are complete services from start to finish. We handle all of the logistics involved in packing your stuff from your current home and loading them in the truck(s) depending on the amount to be moved. Then we haul it all the way to where your new home is in Arizona. Then we unload everything from the truck and put it into your new home and then unpack it. Along with the moving services, we also provide all of the equipment and supplies, including:

  • Bubble wrap and tissue paper
  • Furniture blankets and tie-downs
  • Furniture carts/dollies
  • Packing Boxes (including oversized, wardrobe boxes)
  • Packing tape and dispensers

What are people saying about our moving services?

One of the best ways for us to explain the quality of service that is provided by Laaks Moving Services is to have you read what the people who have already used us say about their experiences. So, we have included some of the testimonials on the site that our customers left for us.

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Special move offers

*Special promotion from Laaks Moving Services. This cash flat rate includes one fully equipped 20' truck. Gas and miles between 2 locations. Loading and unloading time will be charged separately.



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