Long Distance Move from Irvine or Orange County CA to Fort Myers in Lee County FL

Moving from Irvine to Fort Myers and don’t know where to start from?

We’ve got your back and can help you out with the process.

Relocating from one place to another is quite a heavy task. In such cases, it is always recommended to take help from the experts that are why we at Laaks services provide optimum solutions to fulfill your requirements. Our team involves skillful and experienced staff who are dedicated to taking the entire burden off your shoulders.

Irvine CA to Fort Myers FL Long Distance Moves – Follow These Tips

Professional Long Distance Movers

Hiring professional long-distance movers is highly recommended and a wise option to choose. They can help you throughout the process and guide you properly. With the help of modern equipment and a proficient team, they can move your goods without any pain. It is best if they provide storage facilities and insurance.

Clear Out Unwanted Items

Say goodbye to all the old stuff that you won’t need after moving so that you can have room for other things plus this would lessen the burden of packing. It’s not like you have to throw all the stuff away. You can donate them or ask your moving services whether they provide storage facilities or not.

Label to Ease Up the Task

Once you’re done with the entire packing, label the boxes and if possible, also add where they would go so that the boxes could easily go to the room they belong to. This would also help you to get an idea of what stuff is packed in which boxes. To make it even easier, you can first sort the items into categories then start packing.

Your Best Irvine CA to Fort Myers FL Movers

It is so stressful to move from one city to another. But you always have the option of hiring an expert team that’d help you throughout the moving process.

Laaks Services is licensed and ensures quality services. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and that’s why the list of satisfied customers keeps on growing. We provide storage facilities, tracking of the shipment, and much more.

If you’re planning on moving from Irvine or anywhere from Orange County CA to Fort Myers in Lee County FL, contact us today! Tell us your requirements, budget and get an estimate that fits your budget.

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Special move offers

*Special promotion from Laaks Moving Services. This cash flat rate includes one fully equipped 20' truck. Gas and miles between 2 locations. Loading and unloading time will be charged separately.



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