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Moving is an unfortunate reality for most people, whether it is a home or a business. Sometimes it is planned and other times it comes out of nowhere, but either way, it presents a plethora of concerns.

Fortunately, if you live in Riverside County or your business is located in one of the communities inside Riverside County.

You have a company that specializes in moving both residential and commercial properties. Laaks Moving Services provides moving services Riverside County and throughout Southern California. We can help take the stress out of any size move, large or small, commercial or residential.

No moving job is too small for us to handle.

Our moving services in Riverside County

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Residential Moving Services

Laaks Moving Services specialize in relocating people in all sorts of different housing types. Whether you live in a small one or two-bedroom apartment and need to move across town, we can handle it all. Our team can also help move you and your stuff from your executive home in Palm Springs to your new home in Los Angeles. No move is considered to be too big or too small for us to handle.

Laaks Moving Services

Commercial Moving Services

Laaks Moving Services can also handle commercial moves. Our movers have the expertise necessary to pack up and haul the contents of any size commercial business. We can handle equipment moves as well and use only the highest quality and well maintain equipment and well-trained staff to ensure that all of your company’s stuff arrives safely at your new location. The move includes all of the necessary packing and hauling equipment that is needed to complete the move.

Benefits of using a moving services company

If you are planning to move in the near future there are a number of reasons why you should consider hiring a moving services company. For this article, we came up with five benefits gained from hiring a moving service company to handle your next move.

Professional packers do the work – We send in a team of highly trained professional packers to pack up all of your belongings and put them on a company truck. We haul everything to your new home and unload and unpack everything for you.

Saves time and money – Since our movers are experts they know how to efficiently pack, move, and unpack all of your stuff. All of the necessary supplies and materials are included in the move.

Reduces the stress of moving – They handle everything from start to finish which helps to free you up to take care of all of the other things. This helps to reduce the amount of stress you may be feeling about the move.

Protect your belongings – The packers use all of the industry-standard packing techniques and materials to ensure that your belongings are able to handle the move once loaded on the truck. Also, exercise care when unpacking all of your stuff as well.

Prevents potential injuries – Moving requires a lot of bending, stooping, and lifting of heavy boxes and large objects. Hiring a moving company to do all the work means you don’t have to worry about getting injured.

Riverside County and beyond

Laaks Moving Services covers a wide area of Riverside County and other areas in Southern Ca. including heavily populated cities like Los Angeles. Riverside County has several large population centers like Palm Springs. Laaks Moving Services serve the area with high-quality moving services.

Whether you are looking to move locally or planning in-state moves, we can handle all of the arrangements. From start to finish our company does it all, packing up your belongings, loading them all up into a truck, and then hauling them to your new home. When your stuff reaches its destination they unload the truck, put all of the boxes, and furniture in their designated locations, and unpack all of the boxes.

This leaves you less stressed and able to take care of all the other things that don’t involve your possessions. No move is too small or too big, even if you are moving from an executive home in Palm Springs to a new home in the heart of Los Angeles. We are the moving experts and have all the necessary equipment and staff to get the job done.


What are people saying about Laaks Moving Services?

Sometimes it isn’t enough to read a bunch of words claiming they are the best movers riverside. It is much more valuable to hear what other people that have used them have said about their experiences. For this reason, we have decided to include some of the testimonials that we have found online. These words come from former customers who have posted about their actual experiences with Laaks Moving Services. Please read below:

What they say about us

Nick and Ivan are two great movers.
They saved me a ton of time. They treated my furniture as if it was theirs. They worked hard and fast. Didn’t waste time. The next time in need help moving I will request these to gentlemen.

Bernard R.

Anaheim, CA

I have lived in Orange County since 1977. I have used many moving & packing & relocation services. I have three houses on the West Coast.
I am selling my Santa Ana house & will be using 3 to 4 pods to move what I am taking. The pods service gave me 3 recommendations for packers & loaders & I used one of them without checking on Yelp first; An Awful Mistake. I found “Laaks Moving Services” on Yelp & I am adding another excellent review to help others. Alex & Yuri packed & loaded my pod #1.
I will be requesting Alex & Yuri for pod #2 & anymore I require.
They both showed up on time; and wrapped & packed everything the Best I could hope for. I highly recommend this moving service.. The customer service is Great & the Service & Work Team is Wonderful…!!!

Claudia G.

Santa Ana, CA

We had a wonderful experience with Laaks Moving Services! Garry and Dima did a terrific job moving us from apartment complex to apartment complex (with long distances from the truck and slow elevators). They were super fast and efficient while also being careful with our belongings and fragile items. We’ve moved several times and have never seen any moving company work as fast – no wasted time! They were so kind and respectful and remained calm and collected during the whole moving process, which alleviated any of my initial moving stress. They completed the job in the exact time estimated and the rates are the best you can find! I would absolutely request their services again for any future moves! If you’re looking for high-quality, professional movers, I would definitely recommend Laaks Moving Service!

Kristin V.

Irvine, CA

Best moving company I have ever dealt with. And I have experienced several movings from Europe to Japan and within the US. They are professional, courteous, efficient, and very affordable.
I booked a 2-bdr apartment moving from a 3rd floor in Woodbury to a 1st floor in Woodbridge with an intermediate stop at a local self storage place. Two people came to my place the day before and packed everything I asked them to. Packing was very careful and accurate but no time wasted to make some extra hours charge. The next morning my three movers showed up and took care of all my stuff in record time. Most important… it is the first time that I have no broken or missing items!!!! Not even a scratched furniture!!!

Andrea M.

Irvine, CA

Have used this service twice and they are awesome. Would recommend them any time. They are patient. Treat your items like their own. Really friendly and fast. Nonstop had to stop them and offer them water to take a breather. Even helped me get back into my apt when I locked myself out 5 stars does not do them justice Yuri and Dmitry were awesome…….will use them when I move again

Ray C.

Garden Grove, CA

If you want strong, capable young men to carefully, respectfully and efficiently move your valuables then use this service! We were so impressed by the 3 young men that moved our family of 4. They had a very efficient system of how to disassemble, pack, unload and reassemble and we didn’t have to worry about any damage to our valuables, our past home or our future home. Their prices are very competitive and came in at 1/3 the price of another 4-5 star moving company. Their customer service was outstanding from the first quote, to the reminder call, larger window to the scheduled time and the on time reliability. They were very patient with our family and our kids who very intrigued by the whole process.
We have moved friends and family for years but decided it was time to have some professional help and it was worth every penny!

Robin C.

Irvine, CA
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