Covid-19 Update: What You Need To Know?

Moving Services Are Listed as an Essential Business

We all know that coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly turned our life upside down and has stopped everything in between. Indeed, it has changed our daily routines in a dramatic way, which was way beyond prediction. Today, every country has been badly suffering from this pandemic. Indeed, it has paralyzed every industry in its own way and the moving industry is no different.

Moving Services Are Available and Business Owners Are Taking Almost All Protective Measures

People who were about to move now have stayed there because of lockdown situations. Even it becomes difficult to know whether moving services are available or not. However, it must be noted that moving services are available as part of essential businesses and the owners are taking almost all measures to safely move their clients from one place to another.

Is It Very Necessary To Move?

People who want to move in this time of pandemic can move with the help of these reliable and trusted companies. However, they are questioning if it is very necessary to move because the risk is always there.

If we try to dip our toes in the water, then we will come to know that people who have purchased an apartment in a new place/city, need to go there or who have transferred to a new city, might want to move.

Services to Help People Safely Move

In such a situation, it is very essential to move. That is why moving companies are providing their services to help people safely move from one place to another. However, it is very important for people to carefully research their destination. Here, research means, knowing the lockdown rules, rules, and permissions, total number of cases, etc. It will significantly help them to devise a tactical plan.

Carry Out an Exhaustive Research

If you are worried about moving in this time of health crisis, then it is essential to discuss your requirements with the moving companies. They can help you to carry out exhaustive research on the cities. Besides that, you can ask what steps you need to take, etc.  Along with that, you need to know about the storage services because you need them.

Moving Companies Provide Storage Services

Most moving companies provide storage services to help clients at large. But still, you need to make sure about the same because in the current situation most companies are running with only half of their staff.

Apart from that, you need to make sure of what safety measures they are taking. What type of sanitization, hygiene, and social distancing (physical distancing) norms are they following, etc?

Moving Companies Provide You with a Package

Of course, most companies provide you with a package of 30 medium boxes, along with packing paper as well as bubble wrap as per the request. They also send perfectly sanitized trucks that are equipped with wardrobe boxes.

Box As Well As Wrap All Your Belongings

Hence, we can say that you need not worry at all.  In addition, if you want, you can ask for a packing crew a few days prior to your move. They will help at every possible step and easily wrap all your belongings that you wish to relocate.

Whatever type of item or accessory you have, they can wrap it as per your requirements while maintaining social distancing and adhering to the sanitization and hygiene norms along with other regulations and necessary protocols. They always make sure that you never land in any sort of trouble.

Read the Covid-19 Policy

According to an expert, it is more than important to read the COVID-19 policy of the moving company. It will clarify all your doubts and enable you to ask for moving and policy-related questions.

Most of the time, to take the utmost precautions, such companies create their own rules and protocols of physical distancing and sanitization, so that they do not have to face any problem. They are frequently sanitizing trucks and equipment along with wearing masks and disposable gloves for extra protection. In addition, they are providing virtual move estimates to customers.

Common Belief- It Is Easy To Move

Most people believe that it is easy to move and they themselves try to move, which is a big mistake and should not be attempted at any cost. In this time of health crisis, people should not attempt such things because it may be too risky and harmful, too. It is advisable that you hire a trusted moving company that can safely and carefully move you.

When It Comes To the Coronavirus Pandemic

Whether you are in the US or anywhere else, it must be noted that moving companies are very serious when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. They are not only exercising extreme measures but also educating their employees and their customers for complete protection.

Tips For Moving Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic –

  • Avoid moving if any of your family members are having the symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • Plan your entire move in advance and if possible discuss the same with your mover.
  • Keep all the hygiene products (soap and paper towel, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, etc.) with you.
  • We all know that COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets; hence, maintain distance.
  • Never involve additional members of your family or group of friends for assistance.
  • If you are moving to a high-risk group, obtain the pass, permit in advance.
  • Never use free or recycled moving boxes.
  • Stay away from clutter and sanitize surfaces as needed.
  • Carefully pack, transport, and unpack your belongings.
  • Make sure you wash your hands in 20-second intervals.
  • Sanitize all the items before and after loading.
  • Make sure the truck and other equipment are thoroughly disinfected.
  • Try to protect yourself and others against the spread of COVID-19.
  • It makes sense to follow all of the standard pandemic rules.

Hence, we can say that moving during the pandemic is quite risky, but with the help of an experienced moving company, you can easily move safely. However, make it a point that it will require proper planning and it is your duty to follow all the rules, guidelines, and protocols.