Moving is a very difficult and troublesome business, which requires careful preparation and planning. This is especially true when it comes to moving out of state. Distant relocation comes with multiple challenges, and you will hardly be able to cope with them if you do not have a moving out of state checklist. For the move not to turn into a subsequent calculation of losses, it is necessary to learn how to properly pack items and how to arrange all your actions in the most effective way. And we have prepared some effective tips for you to help you minimize damage and costs associated with your relocation. So keep reading to have a clear plan of action.

Moving Out of State — How to Prepare for a Move?

It is not enough to just pack things in boxes and put them in a truck. The organization of a move is a more challenging process than you may think. And to make it easier, we recommend that you follow tips from qualified movers:

  • Get rid of unnecessary items as much as possible. At first, it may seem that all the things in the house are very necessary and are always in use. But are you 100% sure about this? The key rule in this matter is not to carry unnecessary stuff and clutter your new house. An old sewing machine, collections of videotapes, broken chairs — do you really want to pay for moving them out of the state?
  • Take care of the packing materials. Their choice is determined by what is planned to be transported. In most cases, foam rubber, cardboard boxes, protective bubble wrap, and scotch tape are used. This set of materials will be enough to pack your household equipment. Also, make sure that there are enough boxes;
  • Disassemble furniture and large-scale items. You will also need to measure the dimensions of the doorway in the apartment and the room where the items need to be delivered in order to make sure that they will fit in;
  • When packing items in boxes, try not to fill the 100% and also take into account the maximum allowable weight of the packing material. If a maximum of 30 kg is allowed, place a maximum of 20 kg in the box. Thus, it will be much easier to carry the box, and you will reduce the risk of damage during transportation;
  • Be sure to label the packages from your moving packing checklist regardless of what is in them. It is especially relevant for transporting furniture that has been disassembled into small components. This approach allows you to quickly find the missing part of a bed or a cabinet in a new location;
  • Place the essentials in a separate box so that upon arrival you do not immediately start to sort out all the boxes. But do it without haste in a calm atmosphere. We recommend placing dishes, chargers for gadgets, personal hygiene items, etc. in such a box.
  • Be sure to label the boxes containing fragile objects. To do this, you can use brighter markers, such as colored tape. This will significantly reduce the risk of damage to valuable cargo due to improper transportation;
  • Take care of the delivery of your valuables yourself. Place jewelry, important documents, and money in a separate bag that you can manually transport to your new home.

These are preparatory steps that you should complete well in advance before moving a house to a new location. If time allows, you can start organizing a move at least one month in advance. At the same time, you will take care of all the little things, think over the organizational issues, and avoid haste. 

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Moving to Another State — Why to Hire Professionals?

The organization of the move to a new apartment should be thought out to the smallest detail so that you could perform it without any damage, additional costs, or delays. The most difficult stage is assembling and packing things. At this stage, you may need help organizing the move from professional movers.

It is extremely difficult to prepare and transport your personal belongings and household items on your own. This is where a professional moving company will come in handy. Thus, there will be no need for you to spend your time and efforts planning a move out of state. Expert movers will do it for you. Of course, you will never be happy to entrust your precious belongings to random people. You should find a good moving company that you can trust, and the below criteria will guide you in this process.

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Features of a Professional Relocation Company

Moving services are more than just a trend today. The thing is that the majority of people are not ready to spend their time looking for packaging material, disassembling furniture, packing fragile stuff, etc. The best solution in this situation is to order moving services from a professional company and forget about it once and for all.

Contacting a professional moving company allows you to significantly reduce the hassle and difficulties when moving to another state. Therefore, when choosing a company to take care of your out-of-state move, we definitely recommend paying attention to:

  • Qualification of movers — Only professional loaders and drivers will be able to ensure the complete safety of furniture, dishes, and other items that you may need to transport;
  • Car fleet — There must be trucks of different capacities and power. This will allow you to choose the car that will transport all your belongings in one go;
  • The availability of special equipment for loading and unloading operations;
  • The presence of fasteners in trucks for the gentle transportation of household appliances.

If you are still in search of a moving company that can offer you all the above, then Laaks Movers will come to the rescue. Only the best movers work in our company, and we guarantee professional and timely order execution. Give us a call to get the price quote free of charge.