Moving can be overwhelming, especially if you are moving to a long-distance (around 300-3000 miles). Whether you are relocating for work, or for any other reason, moving is full of excitement, anxiety as well as stress. However, if you want to make it enjoyable, you can choose a qualified mover who can tackle any challenges and deliver the most suitable solution as per your needs.

Advanced movers can simplify long-distance moving and make it stress-free. They use the latest technology, provide customer service, and follow all the safety regulations to ensure better long-distance moving. They always make sure to provide customers with a seamless and unforgettable moving experience. Long-distance moves are certainly different than local moves.

Long-Distance Moving

Long-distance moving experts help with:

You will be surprised to know that moving experts provide comprehensive moving, packing, and other essential services. Let us discuss some of the most essential services offered by moving companies –

1. Packing and Unpacking:

Whether you have time to pack or not; it makes sense to choose a moving company that offers complete packing and unpacking services. Their services can save your time, efforts as well as eliminate stress at the same time. One more thing is you can easily organize everything as per your needs. You can use their unpacking services as well for that amazing convenience.

2. Vehicle shipping:

Modern moving companies know that long-distance moving is quite critical that is why they provide vehicle-shipping services as well. They provide seamless car moving services, irrespective of your move and distance. They can efficiently meet all your evolving moving needs. You can rely on their experience and expertise when it comes to vehicle moving.

3. House Cleaning / Junk Removal:

Most people need assistance in house cleaning and junk removal. Modern companies understand their needs and provide complete house cleaning and debris/trash removals as well as pick up services. By doing so, they significantly lessen the chaos as well as the anxiety of the customers. One of the best things is those modern companies have an insured and supervised cleaning team that can perform the task in a professional way.

4. Storage Services:

If you want, you can ask for storage services. Most companies provide storage services to improve the convenience of customers. Irrespective of the type of your move (commercial or residential), you can request storage services.

Long-distance moves could be anything – an interstate move or an in-state move. There are different types of long-distance moves.

Let us talk about long-distance moving types:

Small moves:

If you just want to move a 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment or your garage, moving companies can make it happen. Irrespective of the distance, they can move your belongings in the safest possible way.

Residential moves:

Advanced movers offer the most reliable residential moving services to long-distance moving customers. Besides that, they can customize their services for your household move.

International moves:

Movers have a team of movers who can help you to move to a distant location in the easiest possible manner. They can help you in moving as per your budget and specifications.

Corporate relocation:

If you want to relocate your office to a distant location, then also you can choose long-distance moving experts. Modern companies provide efficient corporate moving services.

Things to keep in mind for your long-distance move:

Whether you want to move from Irvine to phoenix or San Francisco, you should keep certain essential things in mind to make your move seamless.

Moving supplies:

Obtain all the supplies you need for packing as well as house cleaning. You can order moving supplies from online stores. Irrespective of the type of move, make sure to buy high-quality and durable moving boxes, padding, wrap, and tapes. Besides that, buy both large and extra-large boxes along with small boxes to store fragile items.

Focus on decluttering your house:

If you want to reduce your burden and stress, then you need to focus on keeping your house clean. Keep a room where you can store all the junk items or items that you are not taking with you. There are many advantages of decluttering such as better visibility, better organization, freedom of moving, and it is money-saving, too.

Carefully pack small appliances:

Small appliances need to be packed carefully to protect their components during the move. Always use small boxes to wrap small appliances. Always use cushions to keep delicate items safe. If you have antique clocks, ask your mover to pack them very carefully.

Know your moving costs:

It makes sense to calculate your moving (long-distance) in advance. It might involve total distance, the weight of your household items, additional services you need along with the dates.  Also, make sure what you need – 2 Movers, One 24′ Truck or 4 Movers, One 28′ Truck.

Know what to move:

Since it is a long-distance move, it is good to know about all the things that can be included in the move. Some people move large pianos, while others take Jacuzzi, oversized furniture, antiques, etc. with them. If your moving size is a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment, then you need to consult your mover in order to make all the arrangements. Also, it is recommended to use a moving truck size calculator.

Keep certain elements away:

Means, never pack certain items such as matches, aerosol cans, paint, thinner, etc. because they are highly dangerous and may attract trouble during the move. In addition, never ever pack oil or any other lubricants while transportation. One more thing, if you are taking highly precious items, make sure to obtain written permission.

The Bottom Line

There are many long-distance movers in California that offer high-quality and dependable moving services in California. All you need to contact them and discuss your needs (always check that the mover or moving company is licensed with the State authority). They can help in both local as well as long-distance moves as per your budget.