Moving out of state is a worrisome event in the life of every person. Aside from the fact that you are changing your place of residence, neighborhood, and usual routines, moving is always associated with stress and high expenses. If you are in search of tips for moving, the site of the Laaks Movers is the right place for this. We are going to provide you with handy recommendations. It is also a place where you can find a solution to your moving-associated troubles. Our moving company can take care of everything providing you with time to relax and get ready for unpacking in a new place.

Packing to Move: Get Ready for the Crucial Day

Before you begin writing the moving packing checklist, there is a crucial decision you need to make. You should choose the general concept of the move and build a kind of strategy. Here you need to decide whether everything will happen mainly by your forces or with the involvement of moving specialists who are ready to provide you with turnkey services. 

If professionals are involved, they assist in packing to arrange the transported items in new housing. This is certainly a convenient option. Although there are people who prefer DIY packing and moving, using hired cars and a couple of movers. Even though it is a cheaper option, it will be necessary to organize everything on one’s own. 

Moving and Packing: DIY Option

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If you have decided to arrange everything on your own, remember that packing to move is not a task for 2-3 people. It will be necessary to ask your relatives, friends, or even colleagues to join. Otherwise, the necessity to hire people cannot be avoided. At this stage, it is worth thinking if it still makes sense to opt for DIY moving rather than resorting to the services of the best movers. In any case, here are some useful tips for moving. They might be useful regardless of the chosen option.

  • Choose the date and time of moving to a new apartment. As practice shows, the ideal day to move is Saturday. On weekends, it will be possible to avoid traffic jams during peak hours, none of the family members will have to sacrifice work and profits, it is easier to gather helpers (relatives, friends).
  • Make up the list of assistants for moving. Consider how many people you will need for moving and ask a couple more, just in case someone gets sick or need to work.
  • Develop a strategy for the transportation of furniture and things. At this stage, you need to think over a plan for the transportation of large furniture, as well as other things (including fragile and valuable cargo). First of all, consider how your furniture items will be transported. Some are better to be disassembled, others are easier to move when assembled (measure the doorways, estimate the capacity of the elevator and the turns on the staircase, do not forget about the capacity of a truck).
  • Consider in advance how to arrange furniture in the new apartment. Compare everything: sockets, niches, the length of walls, and sketch out a plan of positioning your belongings in a new place.
  • Prepare for packing things. It will be necessary to foresee packaging materials. You will need to buy carton boxes, tape, large bags and boxes, protective bubble polyethylene for fragile furniture and gadgets.

Easy Moving Out Of State Company Services or DIY?

Out-of-state moving is a process that requires a lot of work, especially if you have decided to arrange everything on your own. But nowadays, it does not make any sense to waste your time and energy on things a person is not good at. Entrusting moving and packing to professionals from Laaks Movers, you will free a lot of time you could devote to things that are more essential or more profitable for you. Here is what you can expect from cooperation with Laaks Movers:

  1. Affordable rates: You can find out an estimated cost of moving by filling out a short form or get a full quote by submitting your request on the site.
  2. A range of services: Choose turnkey moving or just labor assistance from the crew of Laaks Movers. Local & long-distance moves are available, besides, we also work with corporate clients assisting them with commercial moves.
  3. Licensed & Insured company: The enterprise has an official license by the State of California, while your apartment and belongings are insured.
  4. Testimonials of the clients prove that the employees of the company are careful with all the belongings and things of clients.
  5. We also take care of packing materials, so all our clients do is just selecting which of the things are not needed in a new place.
Final Tip for Moving

Final Tip for Moving

Moving out of state is a labor-consuming process. If it is the first time you need to change your place of residence, it is clear why you are optimistic about choosing a DIY option. However, before making such a decision, find some time to talk to those who have already moved out of state or even locally. And you will understand that choosing an easy moving company like Laaks Movers is a better option that will save your time, efforts, and nerves at quite a reasonable rate.