Looking for out of state movers? As the American politician Benjamin Franklin once said, moving three times is as bad as a fire. And although it has now become much easier to get off the ground and move out of the state than 3 centuries ago, relocation still remains a stressful, troublesome, and expensive process. When moving from state to state, you need to take care of proper packing and transportation of items, change the address, car number, and driver’s license. What is more, different US states have different laws, so even your tax return will be handled differently. 

Although this sounds weird and challenging, you can easily arrange a move if you have a clear plan of action or a professional team of movers at hand. To slightly guide you in this process, we have prepared a couple of useful tips so that you could organize out-of-state moving in-house without outsourcing or hire the best company to take care of the process.

Out-of-State Moving — Top Tips

Many companies provide out-of-state moving services. Of course, it is the most hassle-free approach. But it is not cheap, and not everyone will agree to entrust the packaging of their precious items to strangers. If this is what you feel, then follow the below tips and do it without moving out-of-state movers.

Tip #1 — Trash Unnecessary Stuff

When sorting out and packing things for the move, you will definitely find clothes or items that can be sold through websites, donated to recycling or charity, or given to those in need. There is no need to carry the things that are not in use; you will spend a bomb for nothing. By trashing unnecessary stuff, you will not only save space/ budget but also start a new stage in your life.

Tip #2 — Measure Furniture

First of all, you need to decide what furniture you will take with you. Think about what appliances will fit the new house, whether it is reasonable to transport bulky cabinets, or you can do without them. Once you are done with the must-have list, measure the cabinets, beds, and other large-scale appliances to know the volume of a vehicle that you will need.

Tip #3 — Hire Movers With a Car

You will hardly do it yourself when moving furniture to another state. You will need a truck with a high towing capacity to carry all your belongings in one go. What is more, carrying all the heavy-weight items is a real challenge for even a strong man. It is best to hire a team of professional movers to take care of carrying and transporting your precious stuff. When looking for a moving company, consider volumes, transportation distances, and the need to lift things upstairs or in the elevator. The final price depends on this.

Tip #4 — Pay All the Bills

Just before you move, check your utility bills, make sure that you have paid them all, and do not forget to terminate the contract. In any case, take care of the bills in advance, so that after a couple of months of living in a new place, you do not have to pay for services that you no longer use. 

Tip #5 — Pack Your Belongings

Do not leave item packing too late; you won’t be able to pack all the items overnight. You should start making a moving packing checklist, sorting out all your items, and packing the stuff at least 2 weeks before the X date. Be sure to sign each box so that you know what is stored there. Color stickers are just perfect. You can use them to list the items that are inside and the room they are for. For example, pink stickers can be used for boxes with bedroom stuff, and yellow stickers can be used to mark boxes with kitchen utilities. This will save the movers’ time, and it will be more convenient for you to disassemble things.

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Tip #6 — Prepare a New Apartment

It is important to prepare a new apartment for the move. Protect door slopes before bringing in furniture: they are often bumped when carrying large items. Put foil or newspapers on the floor so that no dirt is brought inside the house. Make sure the outlets, the lights, and the water in the new location are working. 

Tip #7 — Have the Essentials at Hand

Pack a bag with documents, chargers, devices, money, and a first aid kit. Prepare snacks, drinks, and put away clothes and shoes that you and your family will be wearing. Leave one empty box to put items used just before you leave. Put this box out from others and in a new place that you can easily find and open it first.

The Cross States Moving

It may seem that moving to another state is an easy thing to do. You just need to pack everything, find a track, and relax while the driver is transporting your belongings. In fact, out-of-state moving comes with multiple challenges. You may forget to buy some packaging material, miscalculate the dimensions of the truck, or wrongly pack fragile items. All this may lead to a situation when you overpay for the damaged items, move delays, etc. 

Therefore, it is better to hire a professional moving company to take care of all the hassles, especially when it comes to a tricky cross-state moving a house to a new location.

Out of State Movers — Finding a Good One

There are lots of moving companies, and it may be quite challenging to find a good one. The below list of questions will help you not to make a mistake in choosing a moving company:

  • Does the company offer a free move assessment? Evaluation of the cost of moving at the initial stage makes it possible to assess the costs that the move will entail; 
  • What is the final cost of the move determined by? Ask about the cost of each service included in the service pack to know exactly what you are charged for;
  • Does the company work in evenings, weekends, and holidays? Is there a surcharge for such a move? Professional companies work without breaks and days off;
  • Does the company have its own movers or does it employ temporary workers? The best movers do not allow people “from the street” to work and provide professional training for their employees;
  • What packaging material does the company use? Reputable companies always offer their customers a variety of quality packaging materials;
  • Does the company’s transport comply with the requirements for transporting valuable property? The body of a specially designed truck must be covered with shock-absorbing material and equipped with side mounts for fixing furniture and fragile items.

Besides that, you can also look for customer reviews and ask your friends or colleagues for references. 

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Moving to a Different State

It is you to decide how to arrange a move to a different state. Of course, you can arrange everything yourself if you have a reduced budget, but be ready to cover some financial risks. Any accidents may happen. As an alternative solution, you can always hire a team of experienced movers who know how to arrange an out-of-state move from A to Z. They will not only help you with the actual move implementation but will also answer your questions about the formal side of the business.