There may be different reasons for you to think about how to move a house to a new location — from the lack of space and a desire to live in a better neighborhood to risks of flooding and the need for a safer spot. No matter what the case is, this process is complex and painstaking. The careful calculation, analysis of the condition of the house, and preparation for the transfer are required. Let’s look into the key nuances that you need to consider when moving a house to a new foundation.

Reasons to Move a House — Common Scenarios

Until recently, many people could not have imagined that moving a house would become a common procedure. You don’t have to endure the inconvenience of living where you don’t like; you can easily match your dream house with a dream spot. What is more, there is no need to disassemble the building configuration — your house can be completely preserved and entirely moved.

You may need to how to move a house for the following reasons:

  • You want to build other buildings on the site or going to expand the building, but the surrounding space does not allow this;
  • You need to change the functional purpose of the building, for example, turn a summer building into a bathhouse;
  • There is a need to free up space for another building;
  • There is a need to turn the house so that the view is not obstructed by trees, etc.

You may even need to move to a completely different spot, sometimes miles away. In any case, it is impossible to move a house to a new foundation without having a clear plan.

How to Move a House — Things to Consider

Transportation planning and coordination are perhaps the most important steps in moving a house. It is important to take into account a huge number of factors, get a pack of approvals, analyze the soil and condition of the house in order to accurately move a building to a new location. 

First of all, you will have to obtain building permits for both the old and new sites from the local planning departments if you are arranging an out-of-state relocation. Local or state departments of transportation will have to approve the route for transporting the house. And you will also need to get approval from a bank or company that holds a mortgage on the home. Be prepared that the above procedure can be quite time-consuming, and you will hardly get all the approvals in a week. However, if you hire a professional house mover, you can jump through all these hoops.

Once you get the green light from the government facilities to move a house entire structure, you can draw up an action plan according to the following tips:

  • Building state capability analysis;
  • Selecting a house moving method and required equipment;
  • Calculating the weight of the building configuration;
  • Drafting a step-by-step action plan when moving;
  • Identifying all possible risks and the ways they can be avoided/ resolved;
  • Getting the price of the procedure with a detailed calculation.

A competent approach and thorough planning will help you avoid damage. So it is highly recommended to hire a moving company with qualified specialists, professional equipment, and many years of experience.

Moving a House to a New Location — Step-by-Step Guide

Moving a house to a new location cannot be done in one go. Even the idea that you need to take the entire building, move it to a new spot, and install it on a new foundation sounds like a real challenge, agree? But nothing is impossible if you have a clear plan of action and know what to do.

Step #1 — Preparing the House for the Transfer

First of all, you will need to prepare the building for the move. At this stage, it is necessary to inspect the state capability of the building, carry out its reinforcement, or create temporary supports if necessary. It may sometimes be necessary that you take furniture out of the house to reduce the weight of the construction or pack some fragile items according to the moving packing checklist. 

move a house

Step #2 — Arrangement of a New Foundation

At a new place, the foundation should be built from scratch. The main thing to take into account is the size of the building and make high-quality support for it. Choose materials from reliable manufacturers so that there are no risks of deformation after a short time.

Step #3 — Raising the Building

One of the most crucial and important steps in moving the house is the lifting of the building. How is that performed? First of all, it is necessary to establish support points at the corners and along the walls — all at a pre-calculated distance. Then, powerful jacks are installed that can withstand the optimal weight.

Step #4 — Moving a House to a New Location

The process of moving a house is extremely complicated. It will not work without special training and a clear plan:

  • The construction route is developed; 
  • Temporary supports for moving the building are prepared. The latter should be made from a bar or other material, depending on the weight of the building;
  • The support points are calculated so that each of them has an equal load;
  • The construction moving is carried out — smoothly and accurately.

Step #5 — Lowering the House onto the Foundation

The final stage after moving the building construction is to install it on a new base. You cannot abruptly put the building on the sole; otherwise, you will get distortions. Therefore, it is important to carry out the operation smoothly.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a House?

There is no fixed rate as such. The price of the work depends on many factors. It is agreed in advance with a moving company, and you may be offered different options. The final cost is determined by the following criteria:

  • The weight and shape of the building;
  • The material of the walls;
  • The number of levels;
  • Travel distance;
  • Foundation height and type;
  • The presence/ absence of accessories;
  • The primary condition of the house and the ground.

Moving a house is a complex procedure that requires painstaking planning and careful calculation of all the details. That’s why it is important to hire the best movers who know just everything about this business. Of course, you can do the item packing and in-house arrangements yourself, but the building transportation procedure should be executed by specialists, no matter if you are moving a big house or a small one.

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