Tips For Move Safely With Pets

We all know that moving pets for long distances is a huge problem. It is not only difficult for pets, but also for pet owners. In this guide, we will discuss some tips to safely move long-distance with pets.

Moving can be difficult and stressful for people and the same is the case with our lovely pets or as you say, companions. They not only feel anxious and stressed, but also express anger and frustration when it comes to moving from one place to another. That is why people say that moving with pets for long-distances is nearly impossible. According to some industry experts, it is not an easy task to move long-distance with pets, especially to long distances.

There Is No Set Formula Or Mantra

Indeed, there is no set formula, and every situation is different as well as every pet is different. So, if you want to make your move trouble-free with your pet, then it makes sense to hire a professional moving company that can understand your requirements and your pet’s sentiments. Only an experienced and professional moving company can understand the complexity, and plan out the entire move.

Pets Feel Highly Stressed & Unsafe During The Move

Most people believe that just by keeping a dog or cat food or soft toys with them can resolve the problem of moving, which is a big mistake. You need to keep your pets comfortable (all the time) so that they do not feel anxious and frustrated. Besides all these, people also need to check the local rules and regulations before moving your pets to any other location.

Pets Are Highly Sensitive In Nature

According to some doctors, since pets are highly sensitive in nature, they feel highly worried and unsafe during the move and seek special attention all the time. Hence, it is essential to make them feel safe; now the question is how to keep them safe while moving? Planning a pet move can be an overwhelming task.

How To Keep Pets Safe While Moving Long-Distance?

It is a big question and must be answered as most pet owners find it quite difficult to handle their pets while moving. So let us discuss this detail. You may require certain things or tools while you move long-distance with pets.

  • ID tags – It is one of the best ways to keep track of your pet. If your pet loves to wear a collar, just make it a point to put an ID tag, which should include every possible detail including the pet’s name, your name, and address, along with the destination address and your contact number. This is quite a simple one but often ignored.
  • Microchips – We all have the fear of losing our pets during the move. That is why it makes sense to use a microchip. It is very helpful in case you lost your pet. You will be immediately contacted once it is found.  
  • Pictures – Always keep a photo of your pet with you so that you can show it to anyone.  Make sure the photograph is bright and clear as well as your pet is identifiable.
  • Collars – Make sure you have collars for your pets. You can have a harness for better control. However, it still feels uneasy, make sure you keep them with you. You can also have a chain and leash for your pet. Make sure it is light, durable, colorful, odor-proof, washable, and if possible, personalized as well as with a strong nylon core.
  • Pet carriers – Of course, we should not neglect pet carriers. They are the essential elements for traveling both short and long distances. Indeed, moving experts also ask you to have a pet carrier for overall safety. It helps them to feel good and less stressed. However, make sure that the pet carrier you choose is cozy, comfortable, ultra-light, easier to carry, versatile, durable, and ideal for long-distance traveling.
  • Complete health records – In order to keep your pet in the best possible shape and condition, you need to obtain a health record of your pet from your veterinarian. It will also help you to know what sort of care you should take while moving with your pet. In a nutshell, obtain a health certificate; it will also help you to get a permit in certain regions (when moving to a new state).

Besides all these, you need to ask your moving service provider whether they will be able to move your pet or not. Most companies cannot transport pets because they require special handling, care as well as attention. That is why it makes sense to ask everything in detail along with the charges.

Here Are A Few Tips For Your Ease –

  • Check out the rules and regulations before moving your pets.
  • Obtain all the certificates and permissions before moving.
  • Get the best pet carrier.
  • Plan everything in advance.
  • Remember, you need several bathroom breaks, so tell this to your mover in advance.
  • Keep portable toys, a no-spill water bowl, etc. with you.
  • Buy all the specific gears that are recommended for driving.
  • Make sure that the mover provides complete comfort and safety of your pet during the move.

How To Select A Moving Expert That Can Take Your Pet Safely?

  • Ask as many questions as you want with the movers.
  • Ask about their experience in the industry.
  • Request a summary of the main and essential credentials.
  • Ask for a written proposal in advance.
  • Ask about the gears and other pet accessories that you must keep with you.
  • Besides all these, ask what sort of safety and sanitary precautions are being taken at their end. 

Also, discuss everything in detail with the dedicated team of pet movers. Since working with experienced movers can make a big difference, it is recommended to go with them. Some companies also provide other services, so ask for that in advance.

Whether you are moving from Orange County to Phoenix or Las Vegas or anywhere else just make sure to select a suitable moving company. No matter where you are moving, make sure you move in a stress-free way with your pet. Remember, thoughtful planning will significantly minimize risks and avoid different types of moving or relocation problems.

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